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Russian State University of Trade and Economics, Perm Institute (Branch)
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Our institute successfully prepares professional personnel for the consumer market. The Institute was established on the basis of Perm Soviet Trade College. For 27 years (1964 - 1991) Perm Soviet Trade College has prepared 15,440 trade professionals in the following specialties: merchandising, food technology, accounting, trade, machinery and trade equipment and catering.

In 1991, the College was reorganized into Perm Commercial College, and in 1995 it was renamed Perm College of Trade and Economic. 5 years the College educated 3375 specialists.

In 1995 was opened Perm from Moscow State University of Commerce (MGUK), which was subsequently converted to the Perm State Institute of Commerce as a branch.

Perm faculty of Moscow State University of Commerce (MGUK) was opened on the base of the College in 1995, and later it was subsequently converted to the Perm State Institute of Commerce as a branch.

In 2002, by the order of the Russian Government MGUK was reorganized into Russian State University of Trade and Economics, and our branch within RGTEU gained the university status of Russian significance.

During the existence of our Institute our teaching staff prepared 3003 specialists on the higher education level and 3408 graduates on the college level. Nowadays students in our institute are taught 5 bachelors degree programs, 2 masters degree programs and 5 specialties on the college level.

In 2003 Perm Institute initiated the establishment of Perm trade and economic educational complex the Association "Trading Education", which now comprises 11 schools of Perm region.

The Establishment of the Association allows to coordinate educational institutions, to develop mutual policies in the education market, to create a unified information system, to implement educational work.  For the purpose of consolidation with the trade industry enterprises at the initiative of the Institute a nonprofit partnership Trade Alliance was created in 2006.

At all stages of our development from the first steps the goal of teaching staff training was put forward. In 2009 the Institute received the Certificate on System of Quality Management.

There were only 47 teachers at technical school when it started, now the academic process is provided by 14 chairs with 142 staff members 63.4% of them have scientific degrees and titles.

The Institute has modern facilities to provide educational process:

- specialized classrooms and laboratories more than 20

- computer classrooms 8

- multimedia complexes 12

- library over 63 thousand volumes and 130 journal titles

- electronic reading hall with the Internet access

- gym and outdoor sportsground.

There are facilities for student everyday life: a canteen, a bar, a hostel.

Students take practice at leading field enterprises. During field and undergraduate practice 90% of students get employed.

At the department of extended education field specialists take professional retraining - up to 700 people a year are reeducated successfully. School-leavers prepare for entering the Institute at background courses. Long-term collaboration programmes on personnel training are contracted with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Trade Development of Perm Krai and the Perm Administration of Consumer Market, Licensing, Budgeting and Organization-Legal Maintenance.

Nowadays study of advanced international experience in personnel training for the trade field is of current interest. In 2004 International Office was opened to organize international round tables, master-classes, seminars, traineeships abroad together with Foreign Languages Chair.

The Institute stuff members and students take an active part in scientific work. For the last 5 years over 30 proceedings of scientific papers and abstracts, 25 monographs, 122 text editions have been published, over one hundred scientific arrangements of regional, all-Russian and international levels have been held.

In 2007/08 academic year 56 students took part in competitions of student's scientific works, the results of which were 48 certificates, 35 diplomas and one monetary prize - the student Prokofieva Yu. became the winner of the Second All-Russian competition of student's works of Rosgosstrakh).

Students of the institute participate in the professional competitions. For the last four years they have been winners in a team competition at the regional contest "Food Industry". At the international open festival of culinary art "Prikamskaya Cuisine" our students regularly take prizes, both in personal, and in a team competition, though they compete with already working professionals of the regional public catering enterprises.

There are 10 creative collectives at the institute which regularly become winners of Student's theatrical spring, constantly arrange concerts for children and veterans. In 2007 the first collection of students and teachers verses "Soul recognitions" was published, in 2008 the second poetic collection "Thoughts, Feelings, Words" and the literary and art almanac "The mountain ash reddens behind a window" were published. Sports work is successfully carried out at the institute. Different sections work, football, volleyball, basketball, track and field athletics, chess and other sports competitions are held. From 2006 to 2008 different institute teams were awarded by 20 cups and 15 diplomas for victories in various competitions.

The main evaluation of the work of higher education institution is a success of its former students professional career. Among our graduates: Ponomarev Pyotr Parfelyevich - the minister of trade and public catering of Udmurtia; Popov Vyacheslav Sergeyevich - the director of Permtorgneft; Ganchenko Olga Ivanovna the director of hypermarket and supermarket chain Semya; Sozinova Olga Nikolaevna - the director of the company Violette, the master confectioner, the prize-winner of the championships of Russia on cookery and service; Chelpanov Alexander Sergeyevich - the chef of Zhivago restaurant, the master cook, the prize-winner of the championships of Russia on cookery and service, the teacher of institute; Timshin Sergey Viktorovich - the founder and the owner of Kalina-Malina restaurant, the master cook, the judge certified by the World association of the culinary unions and many other.

Our graduates don't lose touch with educational institution, they carry out master classes for students, conduct teaching, participate in work of the State Certifying commission. Today many large enterprises and distribution networks are business partners of the institute. Among them: Semya Ltd; Dobrynya Ltd; Perm-Shoe-Leader (TRS "Monroe") Ltd; Trade retail network "Mercury"; Superstroy Ltd; Zhivago restaurant; Permtorgneft Ltd; JSC Proton; Centreof the trade Partner technologies; Amikon Firm. The institute cooperates also with associations and organizations: The Perm association of culinary specialists, Agency on employment of the population of Perm Krai, Guild of the conscientious enterprises, Rospotrebnadzor in Perm Krai, Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.


The guidance of the basic educational institution RSUTE not once has marked dynamic development of  Perm branch.

57, Gagarin Boulevard
Perm, 614070, Russian Federation
Director: Elena Gordeeva


+7 (342) 282 - 57 - 45


+7 (342) 282 - 57 - 53


+7 (342) 262 - 35 - 18

E-mail: mail@rsute.perm.ru, intoff@rsute.perm.ru

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